60w Drain Plug light +18ft extension

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60w Drain Plug light +18ft extension


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Up to 25,000 lumens (Mega-Watt) and 13,000 lumens (Reel BriteBite) of light casting a 60 ft diameter that will attract sea life guaranteed.

Patented and Innovative

Top of its class design! Built to withstand the harsh marine environment while still being one of the brightest and efficient underwater light on the market.

Safe and Economical

Rest assured that our AC to DC converter makes it absolutely safe to operate in the water unlike many other underwater lights. Only costs pennies a day to operate.

Anglers Best Secret

Create that secret fishing spot anywhere you want! No longer will you need to search around for fish. Attract them right to your feet and watch the show. Kids love watching all the fish swim at night.

Waterfront Estate Enhancement

Extend your night on the dock! Have your luxury waterfront property standout and create that appeal that everyone will love. Turn a normal dock into a living piece of art.

Easy to Use

Convienently portable and simple to use features. No installation is required on our plug and play system that anyone can use. Easy adjust to desired depth.