IllumiSea Aquatic Lights lighting up Resturant waterfront with our green and blue LED dock lights.


Catching Rock Fish with the green 12v Reel Britebite underwater fishing ligh

Kenny Mills

Stoked on this light, I have the Reel BriteBite 12v light and it is awesome. I have used it out on the bay and in the inlets and it has always produced fish. I can stay clear of trying to cast at people’s dock lights around their boats and stuff cause I can easily set up my own light off my boat now. Stoked on my experience with it and looking forward to summer time to target some warm water species. Super easy to use and hook up as well. Also on top of a rad light they have some cool hats with logos that glow. Customer service is also on point. !!

Scott Hawkins

Amazing!!! I had one of each behind my house for a couple of weeks now. These things are amazing. It doesn’t get any easier either. Plug them in, set the timer and toss them in. Instantly changed the look of the water at my docks. Not just great for bring in the bait, and fish of course. But these things will be awesome in the summer just sitting down by the water enjoying the view. Creates a wonderful ambiance for relaxing and socializing. Doesn’t get any better than this. Easy to use and well built. Everybody on the water should have at least one!

George Hughes

Reel BriteBite Fishing Light — love this product and the intensity of the light exceeded my expectations. Very well put together and the different types of 12v connectors that are well thought out. We have fished with this light at the CBBT, Lynnhaven, and Rudee producing bait and fish . This light is excellent for filming at night as well, if you want to get the green glow and back lighting . This is a great local company with amazing customer support.

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