Our Story
We are a family owned and operated business that specializes in creating memorable experiences through our innovative line of aquatic lights. Founded by a Special Operations Combat Veteran and his wife in 2017, IllumiSea came to fruition on a fall evening while fishing with our 4 sons. Being a family who loves to fish, we purchased an underwater light for our dock. Our 6-year-old son cast out his line into a massive bait ball swarming around the light. Within minutes he had a bite and caught himself his very first striped bass!!! Within those moments of him having a smile that couldn't be wiped off his face, IllumiSea was born. We knew we wanted to give others the chance to have a moment like this one. The time as a family that we spend around the light each evening is priceless. Those moments spent together mean so much especially being a military family. Our moments are limited with one another so much, that we have created a family adage. An adage of “collect moments not things”. We hope that if you choose to purchase a light from us that that one thing you do “collect” will bring you a million moments filled with lasting memories! It sure has for our family of 6!!!
Our Mission
Create lasting memories through experiences with our lights that otherwise wouldn't have been possible.    
Our Promise
To give you the all the  information you need to make an informed decision when determining the best lighting solutions to fulfill your need. Even if it's not ours!  
Our Truths
Dedicated to our mission
Loyal to our promise
 Faithful to our priorities.
Our Priorities
God, Country, Family, 
Extremely Bright Underwater Lights!